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Posey County, Indiana is an ideal landing place for travelers. It has been for thousands of years. A bird’s-eye view of middle-America shows two great rivers tracing hundreds of miles of landscape, literally carving out the borders of Midwest states.

Known as a place of wild abundance and surprisingly big ideas, Posey County has hosted experiments in spirit, science, industry, art and agriculture that have raised eyebrows and global consciousness. Today, it’s still a place where people gather near the rivers to work and play, to bike-ride, bird-watch, fish, hunt and hike. We invite you to soak up history in our walkable towns and sample farm fresh foods…buy some art or rent a golf cart. If you can stay a while, try out a Hoosier sunset or some dark-sky star gazing.

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Visit Posey County 

502 Main Street, New Harmony, IN, USA

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